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Small Closet Ideas: Smart Tips to Make Over Your Tiny Space


By doubling the number of clothing, you can hang on a single hanger. Just pop the tab off of the can and slip it around the hanger’s hook. You can then slip one more hanger through the gap in the tab. Remove your frequently worn items from the closet and put them out in the open, in a freestanding organizer. Many homeowners that buy a custom closet solution end up assuming it was money wisely spent.

And if not, whether you can reuse the supports currently holding up the shelves. First review all the considerations mentioned above, and you will have an easy closet office. And here’s a nice example of this type of closet office desk. There are so many different ways to incorporate a desk in your closet office; the best desk for you depends on how you want to use your office. It’s possible (and easy) to create a large work surface in a small area.

Materials you’ll need

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make the most of a small space. Give your closet office a fresh look by painting the walls. With a little bit of planning, you can turn even the smallest closet into a functional and stylish workspace. With more and more people working from home, the need for a dedicated space has never been greater. But not everyone has the luxury of a spare room that can be turned into an office.

  • Fun, trendy colored doors splendidly picked for the built-in desk area meant to be seen, not hidden.
  • If you have a lot of paperwork and legal documents, consider getting a lateral file cabinet.
  • This is a great example of how you can use a closet for both purposes.
  • Shelves are among the most excellent methods to put in a load of storage to the cozy nook.
  • It’s also a relatively small space compared to the big office.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet to work with, there’s so much you can do.

If you have a walk-in closet, you’ll likely have enough space to place a standalone desk inside the closet if you choose to. If you can sacrifice some unutilized space, follow our tips on converting a closet to an office. Take inspiration from content creator Jenna Allard and turn an extra closet into a vanity. “​​We started by taking out the doors and hardware from the pre-existing closet and then patched, sanded, and painted the interior,” she tells AD. Since the beginning of the pandemic, homeowners have come to the New York–based interior designer Sara Mosele with some interesting solicitations.


A reach-in closet design can also make a wonderful extension of your workspace. Maybe you already have a home office in a corner of the guest bedroom/playroom/put-it-there-and-forget-it room, and you covet the space in the custom closet right next to you. There couldn’t be a better way to expand your office without taking away from your living area. You can clean up around your desk by putting your printer, modem and other technology there, or install shelving, drawers, and baskets for your office supplies and files. In case you have one master bedroom closet, free that room up by buying one or two wardrobes for your clothing and shoes.

This will give you more access to vertical space and your closet office will look more like a nook and less like a closet. Then you could add more shelving up there and maximize your space even more. Pegboards are organizational workhorses and look so pretty when painted in your favorite color. Having a place for everything reduces clutter and clears up your working space. They are especially useful for a crafting and/or sewing closet office. If you have limited space in your home and still need your bedroom closet office to function as a closet, this office closet idea might be a great solution for you.

The Reach-in Closet as an Extension of Your Home Office

You can also make a statement with a fashionable stool or accent chair, depending on the size of your closet space. You always want to choose a desk for your closet office based on the tasks you need to do. With the right arrangements, closets can offer ample room, privacy, and an opportunity to create an inspiring workspace that’s uniquely yours. I’m happy with my workspace in my new cottage home but I also loved this cloffice in my previous home. Make a nook, a cloffice or your entire room beautiful as well as functional.

turn small closet into office

However, there are plenty of mounted desks and floating shelf options that are DIY-friendly for anyone looking to do something similar. And if, like Allard, you plan to use the space as your everyday makeup station, make sure you’ve thought of a way to get good lighting into the closet. In Allard’s home, this small closet is actually within a bigger closet designed by California Closets’ Kate Kim. “Kate really loved my idea of turning the small closet into a vanity space and brought it to life by adding the desk and overhead shelving,” she explains. Just because you’re working out of a closet doesn’t mean that your new office space has to look like, well, a utility closet.

Don’t Be Too Transparent

You can turn a closet into a mini-office by installing shelves and a desktop supported on a two-drawer file cabinet. These installations are most practical when the closet has a 48-inch wide opening and folding doors. We replaced the converting closet to office folding doors’ hinges with a specialized hinge system that allows the doors to swing to the side of the closet opening. Keep in mind that you will need electrical power in your office to run a computer or related office electronics.

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