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Searching for Sober Apartment Living? Look at Transcends Apartments


Sober living in Los Angeles can provide you with opportunities to network and advance your career. Impulse control, which include conditions like sex addiction, gambling addiction, internet addiction and intermittent explosive disorder, make individuals actively suffering feel out of control. Our recovery mentors are ready to guide and motivate you or your loved one on your journey. This can involve paying in installments or working a job during one’s residency. The best way to determine if a sober home is within your price range is to reach out to the house staff and communicate your needs and situation.

Just because New Life House is a sober living home doesn’t mean it’s not a real home. We take pride in everything that we do, and the homes that we provide are no exception. A recent study on sober homes found that they foster strong social support networks, which is one of the most important aspects of long term sobriety. Individuals with strong sober relationships were found to have significantly lower chances of relapse even years after graduating from their sober homes.

What is Sober Living?

Finding the correct sober living facility that directly caters to one’s specific needs is not unrealistic in LA. Los Angeles is notorious for its beautiful weather, vast beaches, and palm trees. There are phenomenal hiking trails, pools everywhere and a plethora of new and old exercise classes to try out. There are health-conscious restaurants, and healthy food options everywhere—so no need to pack on the pounds!

Sober living home staff understand that no case of substance abuse is the same. Whether you are addicted to alcohol, opioids, marijuana, or a combination of substances, staff members and residents alike will support your goal of getting clean and sober. Ultimately, sober livings are appropriate for anyone who wants to achieve lasting freedom from the vicious cycle of addiction.

Looking for a trusted sober living?

Our sober living home gives the residents the opportunity to build lasting relationships with other members of our community. His family said Dominguez had been staying at a sober living facility near the highway and that he began carrying a Taser for protection after threats from other residents, the Times reported. Additionally, there are uncountable substance abuse and/ or addiction support group meetings held on a daily basis in Los Angeles. There are twelve step meetings in addition to other types of addiction support group meetings. Having consistent access to support group meetings can help an individual maintain his or her sobriety long term. You might be surprised that the prices are very comparable to the rent you would pay for an apartment.

House managers make sure residents follow the rules and get the outside treatment they need. While Transcend doesn’t provide sober apartments directly at this time, we extend our unwavering support to those residing in such environments. Our commitment to individuals seeking sobriety reaches beyond our programs. We’re dedicated to ensuring those living in sober apartments have the guidance, resources, and encouragement they need available to them to thrive in their pursuit of a substance-free life.


Facilities that are regulated by the state typically have rules about how many people may live in the home, which influences the individual cost per person. While the sense of community in Transcend’s sober homes is not the same internally, we ensure that all residents are aware of the level of support that the team stands ready to provide at any time. Also, clients in sober apartments are always welcome to join the larger Transcend sober living community for activities and check-ins so that no one ever feels isolated.

  • Sober living homes offer a safe space to live with others who are also working on addiction recovery.
  • An equally essential element of the recovery process in the city is drug detox, which prepares individuals physically and mentally to engage in subsequent therapeutic treatments.
  • Los Angeles is a hub for many industries, including entertainment, tech, and fashion.
  • As a sober woman committed to helping other women, I am proud to be a member of the Board of Directors at Friendly House.
  • Having consistent access to support group meetings can help an individual maintain his or her sobriety long term.

Rules include signing a contract, attending support group meetings or outpatient treatment, and paying rent. Research shows that people who engage in recovery programs for longer have higher chances of staying off drugs and alcohol. While sober living houses in LA don’t offer clinical addiction treatment, they provide opportunities for clients to stay involved and connected. This is why Los Angeles sober house are often highly recommended after a client has graduated from a treatment program. Not only do individuals stay immersed in recovery, but they can slowly rebuild their lives in the outside world.

Sober Living in Los Angeles

As a non-profit sober living, we are able to help individuals who may otherwise not be able to meet the level of care necessary for them to achieve long-term sobriety. Click below to make a contribution and find out more information on how you can help. There is a mix of just enough privacy with a host of surrounding attractions that residents can enjoy. Transcend believes that a healthy dose of regular societal operation is necessary for clients during recovery. Additionally, exposure to the broader environment makes it that much easier for reintegration into normal life to take place. Regardless of what a person may be doing, discomfort always hampers focus.

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