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14 Best Marketing Agency Software in 2023


Mailchimp is an email marketing software that’s backed by a whole platform of marketing tools. Set up automated email campaigns connected to your customer data, and choose from a variety of email templates or build your own with the visual editor. Mailchimp is designed for small businesses, ecommerce companies, and larger retailers who are growing their online connections. Campaigner is a marketing software solution created specifically for email and SMS campaigns. It helps drive sales and deliver optimized customer journeys using automated workflows. For starters, it provides users with tools like geolocation, segmentation, and localization to create personalized campaigns.

When we look at the common challenges faced by businesses, we know that generating leads and keeping customers engaged throughout their journey remain top of mind. Along with these goals, businesses face an explosion of data being collected, but struggle to put it to use. SproutSocial is an all-in-one social media management tool that emphasizes its ability to analyze and draw business value from your social media profiles. Creatio bills itself as a CRM but focuses on bringing automation to sales, marketing, and customer service—all with no coding. The best way to choose the right mix of marketing tools is to understand what marketing functions you need and which tools can provide them. In this post, we’ll cover what marketing tools are and their main categories.

Does SEMRush integrate with ActiveCampaign?

On a more specific level, teams can also set up a Content Calendar board to organize and track different types of content across various marketing channels. You can use these features for free when you sign up for an Individual plan, which is free for up to 2 seats. Influencer marketing software can help your brand identify the best influencers for your campaigns, track campaign performance, and analyze data to enhance your results. These solutions are invaluable for building relationships with influencers via communication, contract management, and payment processing tools. Influencers have built-in audiences, are trusted information sources, and can help businesses enhance social media engagement. Social media marketing software helps to find content worth sharing, schedule posts to reach the most viewers, and gather insights on their social media campaigns’ effectiveness.

Content marketing is still 1 of the top tools in any company’s toolbox for growth. You’re unlikely to grow without amazing content relevant to your target audience. Most modern marketers use some sort of content management software (CMS). WordPress, the most popular CMS, powers nearly 40% of all websites and owns 64% of the CMS market share. With so many customer touch points in today’s marketing and sales landscape, keeping track of where your customers are at in their customer lifecycle can be a nightmare.


Mailchimp is widely recognized as one of the best digital marketing software platforms due to its user-friendly interface and robust features. It caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. One of the key reasons for Mailchimp’s popularity is its email marketing capabilities. With Mailchimp, users can create visually appealing and personalized email campaigns, target specific audience segments, and track campaign performance through comprehensive analytics. Buffer’s intuitive interface and range of features make it a top choice for businesses and marketers seeking effective social media management.

What is marketing software

In this urgent race to become the AI tools of choice – from first-party data software to AI email marketing – there’s a lot out there to play around with and be dazzled by. In an era where marketing is more dynamic than ever, agencies require robust software tools to maintain their edge. Wrike steps in, offering an unrivaled blend of flexibility and power, making it a go-to tool for agencies big and small. Ahrefs is a beacon in marketing technologies, guiding firms to success and avoiding pitfalls. Beyond software, it’s the co-pilot any modern marketing organization needs to negotiate digital promotion’s complex network. isn’t just another piece of software; it’s the nerve center for agencies pushing the envelope in modern marketing.

What is marketing software?

Pair this technology with retargeting tools to boost ad relevance, and ultimately, CTR. Some design tools also incorporate digital publishing features, adding an extra layer of utility to their primary function. Take Flipsnack, for example; although at its core it’s an interactive flipbook maker with a robust design suite, it can also be used to share and market digital catalogs, brochures, magazines and more. In total, data shows that best-in-class marketers rely on an average of 7 technologies, mostly integrated to form an effective marketing stack. Avoid purchasing systems with bells and whistles that don’t support your business processes.

You can take advantage of the following features when implementing social media marketing software in your business. When it comes to marketing software, 50% of marketing professionals say their most significant frustration about buying software is the extensive number of options on the market. So, I’ll go over the different types of marketing software you’ll find in the market and explain what each one does and the features you can implement. Most MarTech stack examples will combine two or more of these tool types. Internal marketing can be a great way to raise awareness, and adoption, of your new employee self-service system.

Find and engage sales prospects

If you need more marketing tool suggestions or advice, you can take advantage of The CMO newsletter and receive the latest information in your inbox. To help you find the best options, you can look for tools with the following features. Examples include CRM software solutions such as Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, and Creatio CRM. You don’t have to write your guide from scratch; many established companies publish their own style guides that are up to date with industry standards.

What is marketing software

Coding know-how and programming experience were a requirement for anyone who wanted to develop web pages. Tools like WordPress and Drupal allow you to build websites and post content to the internet in minutes without any prior coding knowledge. These are all questions that analytics and data visualization tools can answer. It’s no coincidence that the biggest disparity in adoption between top-notch marketers and all others is in this category.

Marketing 101: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

By using marketing automation tools, businesses can nurture leads, track customer behavior, and analyze data to make informed marketing decisions. Marketing Creatio is a multichannel marketing CRM that helps you manage leads across different customer journeys. You can streamline communication across your channels, and access customer data from all your touchpoints and get a holistic picture of your customers. The software features no-code tools that help you create audience segments based on demographics and behavioral data. Likewise, it helps you manage complex marketing campaigns across various channels and boost demand generation.

  • Managing the various forms of content and marketing assets in a marketing department is no small task.
  • You can also use it to trigger specific actions such as updating a contact record or adding a contact to a list when certain criteria are met.
  • Social media marketing software helps to find content worth sharing, schedule posts to reach the most viewers, and gather insights on their social media campaigns’ effectiveness.
  • Just as your business is always evolving, so too is your knowledge base.
  • It comes with preloaded templates for specific workflows but still makes it easy to customize and build your own workflows.

Our team of experts also ranked additional criteria from customer reviews that included standout features as well as value for the money, popularity and ease of use. For value for the money, we wanted to know if a provider’s paid plan pricing aligned ads software development well with the additional features it offered. For ease of use, we considered how much of a learning curve the platform required to get customers operational. We wanted to know how a software’s available features compared with its competitors.

How much does HubSpot’s marketing software cost?

Through the platform, you get access to automation, segmentation, conversion tracking and a drag-and-drop builder with templates. The platform also offers a website and blog builder, so you can manage your online presence all in one place. The Forbes Advisor Small Business team is committed to bringing you unbiased rankings and information with full editorial independence. We use product data, strategic methodologies and expert insights to inform all of our content and guide you in making the best decisions for your business journey.

What Is Marketing? Definition, Strategies & Best Practices

That’s why using a social media scheduling tool is a game-changer for busy marketing teams. In addition to traditional email or ticket support, Constant Contact provides live chat and phone support, which is uncommon among email marketing tools. Drip integrates with major e-commerce platforms including WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce, so you can target your marketing campaigns to customers based on what they buy and where they browse on your site. Get a demo to see how the marketing automation tools in HubSpot can help your business grow.

What is the best email marketing platform?

Email marketing tools enable your team to target, personalize, and schedule content, measure results, and receive actionable insights. About Act-On SoftwareAct-On Software provides solutions that empower marketers to engage marketing targets at every step of the customer lifecycle. ActiveCampaign offers several plan options that can work for a solo marketer, small business or large enterprise.

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