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Katamarayudu Review and Rating: Power Star Pawan Kalyan`s Much Awaited Flick Katamarayudu is going to be hit the box office on Tomorrow. This is news is feast for Power star Pawan Kalyan fans. Katamarayudu movie is going to release on words tomorrow. In this movie Powers star pawan kalyan leads a crucial role in this movie. Pawan acted as Local Leader who solves problems of village with his four brothers. Sizzling beauty Sruthi Hassan leads female role in katamarayudu. Siva balaji, Kamal Kamaraju, Chaitanya Krishna, Ajay are acted as Pawan’s  brother. Katamarayudu Movie review Will be out today’s  Night by premier shows.  Katamarayudu  review get positive reports from censor board. Dierctor Dolly Known has Kishor Kumar Pardhasaani mold this as Wonderful flick. Young  Composer Anup Rubens gives best and simply audio for this movie. Katama rayudu is an official remake of Tamil movie Veeram.

Power Star Pawan Kalayan Official Trailer 

Katamarayudu Review and Rating

katamarayudu review rating

Katama rayudu is going to be power Packed Dialogues, action sequences, humorous comedy and Sentiment  Sceens  on  Power Star`s way.  Katamarayudu Is one of the most awited flick to Tollywood  Industry.  Katamarayudu review get more positive reports to see the trailer of katama rayudu. This trailer have all eliments of Love, Action , Comedy and Drama. The trailer gives positive buz on katamarayudu Movie review. Katama Rayudu Movie review wiil gives boost to the Andhra Box Office.

Katamarayudu Movie review and rating

Power Star pawan Kalyan looks in White Dothi And Pancha is appered as a Best leader. It’s all about a local Leader who resorts to violence to get things done, with his four brothers. He changed his after a beautiful girl  enters his life. But what happens when the beautiful girl’s family is in trouble? He will go back to his old ways to get  out of them troubles or He will look up a new non-violent. Katamarayudu review might take pawn`s  fans by surprise when it gets revealed.

Katamarayudu Pre – release  business

Ceeded       :  Rs11.70 Cr

Nizam         : Rs 18 Cr
UA              : Rs 8.10 Cr
Guntur        :  Rs 6 Cr
East            : Rs 5.85 Cr
West           : Rs 4.60 Cr
Krishna       : Rs 4.60 Cr
Nellore        : Rs 2.65 Cr
Karnataka+TN+ROI   : Rs 9 Cr
Overseas     : Rs 11.50 Cr
Satellite       : Rs 12.50 Cr

Theatrical Worldwide  : Rs 82 Cr

Audio+Hindi Dub Satellite+Digital : approx Rs 7.5 Cr

Total : Rs 102 Cr

Katamarayudu Audio Review

Song 1 : Mira Mira Mesam Video Song With Lyrics

Lyrics : Ramajogayya Sastry

Singers : Anurag Kulkarni
Katamarayudu Album Starts With a mass flavored lyrics Mira Mira Mesam. This song lyrics written by Ramajogayya sastry. This track elevates Heroisam in this movie. There is some political flavor in lyrics of  Mira Mira Mesam. Singer Anurag kulkarni sing this in high picth with more energy.

Song 2 : Yelo Yedarilo Vaana

Lyrics : Anantha Sriram

Singers : Dhanunjay, Malavika

Music : AnupRubens

Moving on to Album of katama Rayudu 2nd  track Yelo Yedarilo Vaana. The lyrics are cool and simple. Composor Anup Rubens used the guitar riffs to a good effect to make this a decent song to hear. Both singers Dhanunjay, Malavika  are did a fine job with their endearing vocals. Anantha Sriram gives pleasant lyrics to this track

Song 3: Laage Laage Video Song

Lyrics : Bhaskara Batla

Singers : Nakash Aziz, Nutana Mohan

Music : AnupRubens

The third song in the Katamarayudu is a peppy number ‘Laage Laage’. The lyrics are very funny. Music Director Anup gives to blend western style and pubjabi beat in fine proportion for this song. Nakash Aziz dominates the entire song and Nutana Mohan only supports him. This lyrics  are so impressive written by Baskar Batla.

Song 4 : Emo Emo Video Song

Lyrics : Anantha Sriram

Singers : Shreya Goshal, Arman Malik

Music : AnupRubens

Next track in this movie  is a soothing melody song, Emo Emo. This song is made for Shreya Goshal and she does complete justice with her sweet-toned voice. Male Singer Arman Malik’s voice seems to in perfect sync for Pawan Kalyan. Though the lyrics are catchy from young lyricist Anantha Sriram. Music Director gives peaceful beats for this track

Song 5 : Jivvu Jivvu Video Song From Katamarayudu With Telugu Lyrics

Lyrics : Varikuppala Yadagiri

Singers : Dhanunjay

Music : AnupRubens

Coming to the Track is  pure mass song of Katamarayudu. Jivvu Jivvu song takes us back to the Gabbar Singh  ‘Mandu Babulam’ song was a huge rage among alcohol lovers. Anup Rubens does a fair job with his fast beat which keeps the tempo of the song till to end. Lyricist Varikuppla Yadagiri gives massive lyrics for Jivvu Jivvu track. Singer Dhanunjay gives life to this song with his voice.

Song  6 : Neetha Cheera

Lyrics : Bhaskar Bhatla

Singers : Sai Charan and Sahithi

Music : AnupRubens

Katamarayudu final song is a folk number. Netha Cheera lyrics are written by Bhaskar Bhatla. He gives Medicore and very pathetic lyrics for this song. Young composer Anup Rubens gives massive beats for this folk song.  Sai Charan and Sahithi vocals are perfect sync to this song.