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East Godavari Temples: New State of The Andhra Pradesh is one of the district is East Godavari. In This godavari visit so many historical temples and beautiful places. Total East Godavari place “Konaseema”  is the spacial attraction for the East Godavari. Here we give the full information about East Godavari temples map and Total Temples. Main famous shiva temples in east godavari, Historical Temples discus in this article.

List of East Godavari Temples in Andhra Pradesh

East Godavari Temples

The Historical temples of the Godavari District mainly located at Ainavalli, Annavaram, Antharvedi, Appanapalli, Biccavolu, Draksharamam, G.Mamidada, Korukonda, Kotipalli, Mandapalli, Muramalla, Palivela, Pithapuram, Rajamahendravaram, Ryali, Samalkota, Sarpavaram, And Vanapalli . Let us explain each temple detailed.

Ainavalli: This place of the Ainavalli is famous for the Sri Siddi Vinayaka Swami Temple (Sri Vigneswara Swami Temple) in East Godavari. This is 72 KM Distance from Kakinada, 14 Km from Amalapuram and 55 km from the Rajahmundry. this area of Konaseema is AINAVILLI “SIDDI VINAYAKA TEMPLE” is situated. Before performing Daksha Yagna Daksha Prajapati was supposed to have performed puja of Vinayaka at this place for its successful completion. This temple Major Festivals are Vinayaka Chavithi Karthika Masamand  Prabha Festival & Sivarathri.

Annavaram: Annavaram is the famous lord Veera Venkata Satya Narayana Swamy temple in Andhra Pradesh. Tourist place in East Godavari one of the temple is Annavaram. Chennai to Howrah  is the main Railway line passing through  Annavaram. Lord Veera Venkata Satya Narayana Swamy Temple located at 32 Km from Pithapuram, 51 Km from Kakinada and 72 Km from Rajahmundry.

Antharvedi Temple Route Map History

Antharvedi: In Antharvedi Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is locatedin this place. Total distance of 130 Kms from Kakinada, 100 kms from Rajahmundry and 65 Kms from Amalapuram to reach Antharvedi Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple in Godavari Dist.  Antharvedi Temple built in the 15th and 16th centuries. Temple is situated at the place where the Bay of Bengal and Vashista Godavari, a tributary of the Godavari River, meet.

Appanapalli: these Appanapalli Temple Lord Venkateswar or called as Sri Bala Balaji Devasthanam. Temple is Located at a distance of 70 Km from Kakinada, 85 Km from Rajahmundry and 35 Km from Amalapuram. Appanapalli is a village in Mamidikuduru Mandal of East Godavari District. Bus Facility avalible from Rajahmundry to Appanapalli.

East Godavari Temples

Biccavolu: In Biccavolu Sri Golingeswara Swami Vari Temple is situated in these place. Timings for thse famous Shiva Temple is early morning 05:00 to 11:00 to 17:00 to 20:00 All days of the week(Morning). Total Distance from Kakinada to Biccavolu is 33 km. 40 Km from Rajahmundry and 60 Km from Amalapuram. Sri Golingaswara swami temple Built by the Eastern Chalukyas in the 9th-10th centuries. This temples is the fine example of the architecture of the Dravidian style.

Draksharamam shiva lingam and hotels

Draksharamam: this place is the famouse for the pancharamam. One of the pancharamam is Draksharamam. This temple lord Bhimwswara swami temple. Draksharamam located at a distance of 28 Km from Kakinada,50 Km from Rajahmundry and 25 Km from Amalapuram. Any time bus facility for these Bhimwswara swami temple in Draksharamam.

G.Mamidada: this G.Mamidada also called as Gollala Mamidada. This is one of the famous and holy pilgrim center of the East Godavari District is G.Mamidada.  All over Andhra, Gollala Mamidada called “Gopurala Mamidada”. This temple is located at a distance of 58 Km from Rajahmundry, 20 Km from Kakinada and 65 Km from Amalapuram.

korukonda temple steps and distance from kakinada

Korukonda: Korukonda Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple It is really wonder and mankind could not be instate either the deity or any other stone which is about 120 mts. Located at a distance of 60 km from Kakinada,20 Km from Rajhmundry and 110 km from Amalapuram. This is an ancient and historical temple and also a Vyshnava Divya Kshetra.

Koptipalli: One of the historical Temple in East Godavary is Koptipalli. Kotipalli located at a distance of 38 Km from Kakinada, 60 Km from Rajahmundry and 15 Km from Amalapuram (Via Ferry/Boat). Kotipalli famous pilgrimage center, situated on the Bank of River Godavari according to Brahmanda Puranam and Gowthami Mahatyam.

And the reaming East Godavari Temples are follow the nest posts in our website.