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How to make Christmas tree with paper: Christmas is the major festival of the all over world. For these festival all are doing the Christmas trees with own ideas.  In this article we are given the simple technique made for Christmas tree with paper. Some other searching in the web how make a origami Christmas tree and how to make 3D trees out of paper. We are given all videos and simple procedure for the make a Christmas tree with Paper.

How to make Christmas tree with paper easy ways:

How to make Christmas tree with paper

This video shows you how to make Christmas tree at home with paper or waste material. First off all we take some material for the making Christmas tree with paper those are given below.

A4 Size Green color paper

A Magazine Paper

Thermocol Balls

Shiny Ribbon

Kniff color




Process to Make Christmas tree using above the materials simple process

First of all we take the Magazine paper and do it’s the conical shape. That conical shape combined with stick tape. Then we take the A4 size Green color papers and cutting those ends of the paper shown as in the video. After that those all papers are stick with the conical shape of the Magazine paper. Stick this A4 color papers arrange the tree shape.

Corners and top of the paper tree decorate with the Thermocol Balls watch tip and top place of the paper tree. Kniff color and do it curve design to decorate the Christmas tree. See the video simple way to declaration.

How to make 3D Christmas trees with papers

By using same procedure for make the 3D Christmas tree using papers and some daily using materials in house. Making 3D Christmas tree with papers easy process. First chose the green color A4 Sheet paper and fold it until the one inch. After cut that paper into small parts. Take another color paper do same formula and some properties using make extra decoration for extra attraction for 3D Christmas trees. 

Here all viewers can see here how to make simple way 3D Christmas tree with papers sample videos try it at home follow the simple process.