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Raagam Short Film: Sunitha, Sree Chaitu, Sameer Telugu Short Film

Raagam Short Film Sunitha

Raagam Short Film: Now a days all are interested in film industry those are chose the short films are the steps to use the achieve Their Goals. Sree Chaitu is also use the same process for the Raagam Telugu Short Film.

This Raagam Short Film Is the Second film of the Directors. First Short Film Is the “Jaallu”. Second Short Film name Is Raagam. This Short Film main Concept is the every Single woman Life Story and a real incident of Director sree Chaitu. Raagam Telugu Short Film main rolls are the played Singer Sunitha and Sameer and Sai Kiran.

Full Details of Raagam Short Film

Raagam Short Film Sunitha

Starring : Sunitha Upadrashta, Sameer, Sai kiran Ram & Sana Shanoor

Music : Sunil Kashyap

DOP : Viswa Devabattula

Editor : Garry BH

Dialogues & Script : Koti Reddy, Syed Tajuddin , Seshu, Drithin C, Sree Chaitu

Lyrics : Kittu vissapragada

Singers : Sunita Upadrashta & Sunil Kashyap

Producers: Vamshi Reddy, V Lakshmi Narayana ( Lucky )

Director : Sree Chaitu

In this Telugu Short Film Exclusive Dialogue by Sunitha Garu “na gurinchi kaadu na success gurinchi matladela chestanu” this dialogue is very powerful.

Raagam Short Film by Sunitha:

This film revolves around Pravallika an Independent woman who tries to hide herself due to few circumstances and later on realizes what she is meant to be. This is not just a film , but its a moment which will truly make people think about to relate themselves.

Raagam Short Film Watch More than 6,50,000 people in just one week.

Ragam Short Film Casting Details:

Raagam Short Film Sunitha

Raagam Short Film Music is given by The Sunil Kashyap and DOP is Viswa Devabattula. In this Raagam Telugu Short Film Song is composed by the Singers Sunita Upadrashta & Sunil Kashyap. Sameer played a role in this Short film as Pravallika (Sunitha) Friend and Sai kiran is played role sunitha’s husband.  Sana Shanoor  acted as the role of the original sunitha’s character.

At present This Raagam Short Film is trending on YouTube. Every person must watch this raagam Short Film to show their friends what is our culture a rounding the induvial woman in this society. This is the story of every woman story in real life.