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Posani Vs V hanumanthu rao fighting TV  5 Livie Show

Posani Vs V hanumanthu rao: Cine Actor Posani & Congress Senior Leader V.Hanumantha Rao Fought in Live Debate in TV5 news channel.

live show in ‘Top Story’ of TV-5 in the form of a fight between popular film actor Posani Krishnamurali and Congress top leader V.Hanumantha Rao on Thursday.

Posani Vs V hanumanthu rao

TV 5 Is Conducting a debate on Kashmir-Surgical strikes and Modi govt, anchored by senior journalist Sambasiva Rao, Posani, who earned the dubious distinction as ‘Mental Krishna’ for his dare devilish ideas and no-holds-barred comments, ran into an equally famous politician with more are less same traits. Going by the clippings available on social media, Posani can’t be blamed here! CPI leader Narayana, another politician famous for his witticism, was the witness.

Posani Vs V hanumanthu rao Live Fighting At TV5 Show

VH, a staunch Congressman, took objection when Posani made it clear that the Prime Minister Modi is the honest available politician in the contemporary politics.

Going by the heated argument, Posani had told the anchor that he was not ready for a slang match in the discussion. “I had already told you (Sambasiva Rao) before coming to the show that I don’t want to resort to dog fight. “We are not dogs to fight. We are human beings. I have a policy on this,” he claimed making high voltage gestures coupled with ill-tempered tone. VH irritated him by asking him to stop praising Modi.

Posani Vs V hanumanthu rao TV5 Live show Fighting

Posani is not a person to take nonsense from others. He quickly rebuked VH for his objection to air his opinion on Modi. “aay…nuvvu yekkuva maatlaadutunnav (hey, you are talking too much),” VH refuted in chaste Telangana dialect. Posani took serious objection to that and shouted something. “Nee yaamma…,” Posani said and ran towards VH even as the anchor tried his best to stop an embarrassing moment.