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kashmora Movie review Karthi kaashmora Tamil/Telugu Movie Rating collections

kashmora Movie Review

kashmora Movie review: In Tamil/Telugu Film Industry a much awaiting and interesting film is Kashmora (kaashmora). This movie is released on Telugu and Tamil Languages at a time. Tamil and Telugu handsome hero Karthi is the hero. Our beautiful actress Nayanthara and Sri Divya are the main female lead rolls in the kashmora/ kaashmora movie. Vadivelu, Manisha Yadav, Vivek, Siddharth Vipin and Jangiri Madhumitha are played a support role in this movie.

Kashmora/ Kaashmora Telugu Tamil Movie Full Details:

Movie Name: Kashmora

Hero: karthi

Heroin’s: Nayanthara, Sri Divya

Supporting Roles: Vadivelu, Manisha Yadav, Vivek, Siddharth Vipin and Jangiri Madhumitha

Music Director: Santhosh Narayanan

Editor: VJ Sabu Joseph

Cinematography: Om Prakash

Art director: Rejiveen

Director: Gokul

Producer: SR Prakashbabu and Prabhu

Film Banner: Dream Warrior Pictures

Film Type: horror, comedy and action

Languages Release: Telugu, Tamil

Release Date: 28-october-2016

Run time: 2 hours 38 minutes

Rating: 3.5 / 5.

Kashmora movie Review and Rating:

Kashmora/ Kaashmora Telugu/ Tamil Movie is a Graphical oriented movie. In this kashmora movie karthi and nayanthara are played a king and queen rolls for the movie kaashmora movie in flashback. Kaashmore movie.

This movie story started 500 years ago what happened in a one ruler of the kingdom. The king name is the raj nayak. What is the connection between raj nayak and present kashmora (karthik) to see on the big screen.

Nayanthara is played a rathna maha devi (Queen) for the kingdom. What is the character of Nanyanthara in this movie kashmora/kaashmora tamil movie.

Telugu girl Sri Divya is played a role as research scholar in the present situation. These between two charters are scenes are very interesting and help the very much for kashmora movie review.

Kashmora movie specialties:

kashmora Movie Review

kaashmora tamil movie started the shooting in May 2015. Kashmora movie total budget is 60 cores is big project in karthi filmy carrier. For the visual effects kashmora movie production team spent more than 15 crores. Visual effects are the special attraction for entire movie.

Art director Rejiveen has created 18 sets for this kaashmora tamil movie. Hero karthi is three different rolls for kashmora telugu film. Total film shooting completed Chennai only.

25 graphic designing company are started work sixty days more than 1800 visual effect shots are in the movie. After a long time tamil comedy actor vadivellu acted this movie. More than 2000 theaters are released this movie worldwide. In that 600 big screens are both Telugu states.

A visual wonder kashmora movie review rating

Kaashmora film director gokul has do so many researches about the black magic. The filmy producer said there is no kashmora movie without hero karthi. This film finished in time because of the hero karthi. Visual wonder movies like as arundhathi, magadhera, bahuballi movie after kaashmora movie will place it.

Kashmora movie is not a horror movie. This is historical socio fantasy and message oriented movie. This kashmora is mass and commercial entertainer movie. To watch movie entire family for the occasion of Diwali/ Dipavali.

Hero karthi says about this kaashmora movie:

Karthi’s first film Aayirathil Oruvan (Yuganiki okkadu) after socio fantasy movie karthi second historical movie kashmora. This year 2016 karthi second movie release after the movie Thozha (Oopiri) a biggest block buster movie in Tamil and Telugu languages.

For this movie kashmora karthi will never do this roll. Karthi acted without hair on the head for movie. Director gokul covers with the makeup but karthi not aggre for that. By using makeup neutrality is missing the movie.

Hero karthi learn horse riding for the movie kaashmora. Every day five hours waiting for makeup. For the character of the Raj Tharun and Kashmora lead rolls are specially attract the audience.

kashmora Movie Review Rating and public Talk:

Karthis movie selected are rare like as Aayirathil Oruvan (Yuganiki okkadu), Naperu shiva, Paruthiveeran, Paiyaa, Siruthai, Ko, Saguni (Shakuni), Biriyani, Madras, Komban, Thozha (Oopiri) movies.

Now kaashmora is the latest film of the karthis. His all film reviews are very good and a minimum guaranty hero in Telugu/ Tamil Film Industry.

The kaashmora/ kashmora movie is compare with the movie bahuballi in social media and electronic media. At now this kashmora movie review is plays important role in the filmy collections in Tamil/ Telugu film boc office collections.

All film producers and distributors are very happy about this censor review.

Kashmora movie review and rating: 3.5 / 5 update soon.

Kaashmora movie plus points: karthi acting, visual effects, background score, music, editing, production values.

Kashmora minus points: update soon

Conclusion: This movie see with all family and mass audience.

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