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Nallodu Bandodu:Fun Bucket Mahesh Vitta Comedy Short Film

Fun Bucket fame mahesh vitta comedy show is the Nallodu Bandodu. This comedy shaort film is based on the current problem in this society. This comedy short film casting is only three persons. Two are men one is the dog. This entire short film Dog character is very funny interesting.

Short film is charters are funny doing on the current rising on the society. This video is the 5th on the Nallodu Bandodu. Every one watch this short film.  Enjoy the video.

Content: Nallodu Bandodu are Two Charecters who knows nothing about anything discussing about International Issues and in This Script they are Taking about the School Admissions , Actually they wanted to start a School With out knowing what a School do and to those a Dog Will give counter dialogues to them,,,good social response short film We Taranga Vahini Team Will Hope That U will Enjoy A Lot,…..