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Mumbai Train Accdient Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar is tweet about the Mumbai railway station indecent. In the Mumbai railway station one lady is try for catch the train but unforchunetlly she is fall down. Then Mumbai police constable alert and safe her life quickly.

Mumbai Train Accdient police constable save life

Mumbai Train Accdient

The total action is recorded in Mumbai railway station CCTV footage. Bollywood super star Akshay Kumar Watch that video Akshay Kumar Praises the Mumbai police constable. Everyone must watch this video.

In a stunning episode, a Mumbai Police spared a lady from being pulverized under the moving train. This occurred at the Lonavala railroad station when Kakinada Express, which was making an outing from Pune to MI leaving the stage.

Mumbai Train Accdient Bollywood Akshay Kumar Praises constable

A lady tumbled down out of the moving train in the wake of losing her equalization. She would go on the train and kick the bucket, however a Police constable who was ready at the spot and rushed to drag her out and spared her life. In the video, someone else was additionally seen dropping out of the train while getting off. The Police Constable has made an extraordinary showing with regards to spare an existence. The constable was distinguished as Pawan Tayde.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who has seen the video has taken to Twitter to praise the police constable for showing his presence of mind. Akshay even shared the video of the incident on his twitter account.

Akshay Kumar tweet words
 Had my heart in my mouth literally!Salute to constable Pawan Tayde of Lonavala police station for his presence of mind and swift action 👏👏