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Apple has actuated its Twitter account and updated its Newsroom days in front of its September 7keynote occasion went for dispatching the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus.

Curiously, Apple as of now had a Twitter account following 2011 yet had the default “egg” formed symbol as its profile picture, which has now has been supplanted by the organization logo. The foundation picture has likewise been supplanted with the one seen on the September 7 media welcome. The confirmed profile, at present, has more than 70,000 supporters. In any case, the firm is yet to post its first tweet.

In spite of the fact that the explanation behind having kept its record torpid as of not long ago is obscure, as per an Appleexpert Mark Gurman, the organization will most likely live tweet the iPhone7 dispatch occasion.
Furthermore, Apple has upgraded its Newsroom entryway also. The posts are presently bigger and cleaner than some time recently. The Cupertino-based tech firm included three new posts discussing its computerized voice aide – Siri.

Prior this year, the tech mammoth dispatched a Twitter account with the handle @AppleSupport to give client support. Inside minutes of it going live, the organization began reacting to client inquiries on inquiries concerning the Safari program, iOS, Apple Music, AppleIDs and that’s just the beginning.
Apple has Twitter represents items, for example, Apple Music, Beats 1 and iTunes. Be that as it may it was prominent by the nonappearance of its center record. It has as of not long ago avoided any focal nearness on online networking stages.

iPhone 7

It’s a new iPhone with a new number. That usually comes alongside a brand-new design, but this year it seems more like Appleis going to tweak its existing formula — improving things here and there and maybe laying the foundation for some bigger changes down the road. Here’s the deal:
A new(ish) design: Hopefully you like the iPhone 6, because the iPhone 7 is supposed to look pretty much the same. The big difference is that it’s expected to have a cleaner look, with some (but not all) of those unsightly antenna lines disappearing off the back. It’s a small change, but this mockup at MacRumors suggests it could have a strong effect.

No headphone jack: This obviously isn’t a new feature. In fact, it’s the very opposite of a new feature. But it’s turning out to be The Big Story of the iPhone 7. Apple is expected to remove the headphone jack — a standby of consumer electronics since the invention of consumer electronics — from the next iPhone, meaning all headphones will have to be wireless or connect through the Lightning port. There are certainly upsides to lightning headphones, but there are a whole lot of downsides, too. If you have a lot of devices that work with a 3.5mm headphone jack (and who doesn’t?), you’re going to have an annoying tradeoff to consider.

Possibly new Pods: Without a headphone jack, Applewill probably want to offer another way to listen to Music. Rumors have been really sketchy on this front, so take this all with a grain of salt, but they point to two possibilities: the Apple will make new Ear Podsthat terminate in a Lightning connector instead of a headphone jack, or that Applewill make wireless earbuds, supposedly called Air Pods.
Another camera: It’s not for selfies. Apple is expected to add a second camera onto the back of the iPhone, which it could use to produce higher-quality photos or offer a zoomed-in view. For example, Huawei’s P9 uses a second black-and-white camera for added sharpness and detail, while LG’s G5 uses a second camera to offer a zoomed-out perspective. It sounds like Apple will take the latter approach, though may be with some twists.


Apple’s iPhone 7 announcement:Full phone specifications Apple stock
Apple’s iPhone 7 announcement:Full phone specifications Apple stock

The second camera is just expected to appear on the bigger iPhonemodel (the 7 Plus). Yet, the littler model will most likely get some camera redesigns of its own, similar to picture adjustment, which has been restrictive to the Plus model for as far back as two years.

Farewell 16GB: I don’t have the foggiest idea about that there’s another element additionally meriting an “at long last!” than this. Apple is at long last anticipated that would quit putting 16GB of capacity in its entrance level iPhones and rather knock them up to 32GB, as indicated by The Wall Street Journal. That is a significantly more sensible measure of space for 2016.

A click less home catch: Apple is required to make an exceptionally inconspicuous however huge change to the home catch — it won’t click in. That is as indicated by 9to5Mac, which says the new catch will be weight delicate and use haptic input to make it feel like you’re pushing it in, despite the fact that it won’t physically move. It’s a trap Apple has as of now pulled off on some of its Mac Books.

A darker dark: If there’s one justifiable reason motivation to purchase the iPhone 7, it might be this. Following quite a while of managing whatever that “space dark” garbage is, some dubious gossipy tidbits have recommended that Apple is going to make a dark telephone once more. Not absolutely, 100 percent, brilliant 

iPhone 5 dark. In any case, more like what the Apple Watch Sport employments.

Everything else: You know the drill. The new iPhones will obviously be speedier, with new processors, perhaps more RAM, and something that gets portrayed as “supernatural.” The evacuation of the earphone jack has individuals recommending that the iPhone 7 could be more water safe, however it’s not clear if the telephone will really be waterproof. The telephone will likely get a tiny bit more slender, as well.
Everything not: As usual, there are a pack of other scrappy gossipy tidbits that pop up yet appear like they presumably will undoubtedly work out as expected. This year, that incorporates the iPhone 7 having a double SIM plate, a blue shading choice, remote charging, or a shrewd connector. It’s conceivable Apple is investigating these things, however there hasn’t been a considerable measure of proof recommending they’re occurring this year.

Apple Watch

Apple’s iPhone 7 announcement:Full phone specifications Apple stock
Apple’s iPhone 7 announcement:Full phone specifications Apple stock
At the point when the keynote commences, it’ll be very nearly two years to the day since Apple initially revealed the AppleWatch (however it was an additional eight months before it hit stores). A considerable measure has changed about the Apple Watch in the time subsequent to — all through programming — and this first equipment redesign is prone to mirror those progressions. In particular, Apple removing a stage from the Watch as a specialized gadget and a stage toward its utilization as a wellness gadget. This is what we’re 

Anticipating Square as ever:There’s no sign that Apple arrangements to fundamentally switch up the Apple
Watch’s outline this year. Alternately even one year from now. All things considered, don’t be amazed in the event that some new band alternatives appear.

GPS: This is presumably going to be the greatest new element on the Apple Watch. Keeping in mind it may not seem like much, the expansion of GPS ought to be a genuine help for runners, since it’ll give the Watch a chance to track them notwithstanding when they desert their telephone. Anything that makes the Watch more free is an imperative stride forward.

Getting quicker:Normally a hindrance wouldn’t be all that energizing — basically without come up short, every new Apple item accompanies an imperceptibly speedier processor than its forerunner. In any case, that is especially vital here, since the original Watch is pretty darn moderate. Apple needs to improve on rate, and the upgraded Watch ought to be a begin.

Everything else: Other gossipy tidbits have recommended that the following Watch will have better waterproofing, a greater battery, an indicator, and the capacity to accomplish more things over Wi-Fi — however prove for some of those is shakier than others. One other unavoidable issue is whether the Watch will have a camera. An early report from 9to5Mac a year ago said Apple was traveling in that bearing, yet that is just about the last we knew about of it. Given Apple‘s work day from informing, it wouldn’t astound on the off chance that this element got scrapped.

All the rest


Nearby the new iPhones, Apple ought to report a discharge date for iOS 10 — most likely a couple days to a week prior to the telephone dispatches. WatchOS 3 may take off close by it, however Applecould keep it down if the following Watch isn’t transporting until a later date. MacOS Sierra will probably come later also.
There hasn’t been any word about Apple arranging other equipment overhauls for its September seventh occasion. In any case, that doesn’t mean for sure there won’t be anything. A lot of items are expected for an overhaul, including:

The MacBook Pro, which is soon anticipated that would get a slimmer configuration and a touchscreen strip over the keys

The MacBook Air, which Bloomberg reports is being overhauled with USB-C

The iPad Pro, which was reported at this occasion a year ago

The iPad Air, which hasn’t been upgraded in two years

The iPad smaller than expected, which was last overhauled after this occasion a year ago

The Apple TV, which had its new form reported at this occasion a year ago

In any case, odds are most if not those are on hold until some other time, as word as a rule spills out in front of 
an arranged disclosing. That implies we could take a gander at a second Appleoccasion at some point in 
October or early November — or only an outrageously long occasion come September seventh.