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Miracle survival: Couple’s car crushed by tanker, Road Accident China.

Use Helmet:

Bike helmets are so important when you’re going to ride to reduce bike accidents. Wear a bike helmetEVERY TIME YOU RIDE, even if you are going for a short ride. Your bike helmet should fit you properly it saves our life when bike accidents. You don’t want it too small or too big. Never wear a hat under your bike helmet. Once you have the right helmet, you need to wear it the right way so it will protect you at accidents. The straps should always befastened. Take care of your bike helmet and don’t throw it around. That could damage the helmet and it won’t protect you as well when you really need it. Many bike helmets today are lightweight and come in cool colors. If you don’t love yours as it is, personalize it with some of your favorite stickers.

Seen the Road Safe Journey:

Wearing bright clothes and putting reflectors on your bike also can help you stay safe. It helps other people on the road see you. And if they see you, that means they’re less likely to run into you. Daytime riding is the safest so try to avoid ridingyour bike at dusk and later. But avoid wearing headphones because the music can distract you from noises around you, such as a car blowing its horn so you can get out of the way.

Way To Ride Conform:

In which Way you’re going to Bike Ride. First you tell to your father or mother. What are the places are in that place going to ride on bike.

Please Cheek the below things when you start a bike ride to avoid Bike accidents:

·        wet leaves
·        big puddles
·        changes in the road or sidewalk surface
·        storm grates
·        gravel or rocks
·        curbs
·        little kids in your way!

Follow the Road and Traffic Rules:

          When Bike Ride We Must Follow the Some Road Rules Avoid the Bike Accidents. They are described the below in detailed.

·        Always stop and check for traffic in both directions when leaving your driveway, an alley, or a curb.
·        Cross at intersections. When you pull out between parked cars, drivers can’t see you coming.
·        Walk your bike across busy intersections using the crosswalk and following traffic signals.
·        Ride on the right-hand side of the street, so you travel in the same direction as cars do. Never ride against traffic.
·        Don’t ride too close to parked cars. Doors can open suddenly.
·        Stop at all stop signs and obey traffic (red) lights just as cars do.
·        Ride single-file on the street with friends.
·        When passing other bikers or people on the street, always pass to their left side, and call out “On your left!” so they know that you are coming.