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Indian Student Builds a Wearable Iron Man Suit – Innovation – Robotics – Prototype

Indian engineering student Vimal Govind Manikandan builds a wearable robot, like Iron Man prototype. This Kerala boy is a huge fan of Hollywood movies, especially Avatar. He designed this prototype to help Indian army. 

This wearable robot can’t fly for sure but it has a capacity to lift weight around 330 pounds (Approx. 150 kg). This suit costs less than $750 US dollar (Rs.50000) and it weighs only 220 pounds. Generally this kind of a suit takes 10 to 15 thousands dollar to accomplish. Here, lies the success of Vimal Govind Manikandan.

He said that his team is trying to give the finishing touch to make it more market friendly. Though Vimal wants that army should use his product especially in areas of challenge where clearing the path of operation needs immediate clearance of rocks, bush, trees and so on.