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Kabaliwent on floors last year amidst  low hype and this was the vibe until the film’s teaser was released yesterday. However, the staggering YouTube records this 1 minute long teaser is creating since yesterday redefine what a humongous star Rajinikanth is. Rajini’s stardom even left the biggest stars in the country totally shaken.Kabali’s teaser has hit more than 50 lakh views within just 24 hours with nearly 2.50 lakh likes. Adding to this craze, even the Telugu teaser got more than 5 lakh views, which is on par with the leading Tollywood stars. There are also reports that Kabali’s teaser has set an all-time Asian record in terms of views and the teaser trended worldwide on Twitter for several hours yesterday.

“Kabali“ (Rajinikanth)  Teaser Rocks Youtube
In the teaser, the Super Star has wreaked havoc with his stylish presence and that “Kabali da” punch dialogue has become a rage among not just his fans but also common movie lovers. With fans already expecting that Kabali will reach the 1 crore views milestone in the coming 2, 3 days, we will have to wait and see what kind of tsunami the film will create at the box-office after its release.