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Anybody who says “water skiing is so easy, a child could do it” now has irrefutable evidence.
A 6-month-old girl whose professional water-skier parents put her on junior-size water skis last week glided 686 feet (209 metres) across a man-made lake in what her parents say sets a youth record.

Keith St. Onge said in an interview Wednesday that his daughter Zyla could have kept going if the boat hadn’t reached the end of the lake.

The 30-inch Zyla, who doesn’t yet walk, skied across Lake Silver in Winter Haven, Florida, last Thursday.

She stood on junior-size water skis that were attached to each other by wood. She gripped a handle bar attached to the skis.

Adults treaded water on either side of Zyla’s path.

USA Water Ski spokesman Scott Atkinson didn’t return a phone call and email inquiry about whether Zyla had set a youth record.
That’s because 6-month-old Zyla St. Onge just skied 686 feet across a man-made lake in Winter Haven, Florida.
Again, she’s six months old, not six years old.
Zyla’s father Keith St. Onge says his daughter set a youth record for distance, though it has yet to be verified by USA Water Ski.
St. Onge said Zyla could have kept going had they not reached the end of the lake, and that adults were treading water on either side of her the whole time for safety.