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Vivek Oberoi avoids question on Salman Khan.Looks like Vivek Oberoi is still haunted by the memory of that eventful night in March 2003, when Salman Khan allegedly made 41 threatening calls to him.  

Vivek Oberoi avoids question on Salman Khan

Remember, how all hell broke loose after the Company actor hurriedly called a press meet and accused Sallu of making threatening calls to him, over his close friendship with Aishwarya Rai that is the night we are talking about The fact that the incident still sends jitters down Vivek’s spine became obvious at the IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) Awards’ launch today, when he was asked a question on Salman.A journalist pointed out to Vivek that in the 13 years since his fallout with the superstar, the latter has fought and patched up with a lot of people — Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif included. So, the journo asked if there was a possibility of him being on Sallu’s ‘patch-up-spree list’ as well.

Vivek Oberoi avoids question on Salman

The moment the question was completed, as the video (above) will show you, Vivek walked away. Salman, have you tuned in Phew! These celebs, we tell you. The moment you ask the right questions, they disappear from your sight. And if you run after them, their PR machinery comes into play. A similar incident happened the other night when Malaika Arora walked off from an IGT event after being questioned about her alleged marital discord with Arbaaz Khan