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Sarinodu(Sarrinodu) Total Collections World Wide 

Sarrinodu (sarainodu) total collections Andhra/Telangan – 60.8 crores

Sarrinodu (sarainodu) total collections rest of india – 8.7 crores

Sarrinodu (sarainodu) total collections overseas – 4.8 crores

Sarrinodu ( sarainodu) total collections worldwide – 74.3 crores

Thus,sarrinodu ( sarainodu) total worldwide collections are around 74.3 crores.It was a good amount for sarinodu movie at Box office.The collections of sarrinodu are thus crossed 70crores at Box office and become the number 1 movie at Box office this year.Anyway,we need to see how much sarrainodu still collects at Box office.

Stylish Star Allu Arjun(bunny) Sarinodu(sarrinodu) Movie Trailer(Teaser) & Full Songs Video. The trailer was beyond expectations and Allu Arjun’s action intensity was appeared throughout the trailer.

Boyapati Srinu once again showcased how best he was in handling  mass elements. Sarrainodu’ trailer has set the presumptions sky high and fans cant stop watching the trailer in repeated mode.
Sarinodu(sarrinodu) Movie Trailer(Teaser) & Full Songs Video

The Sarinodu(sarrinodu) Movie Trailer have kick started with an intrigue that makes us look forward to the film. The theatrical cut is once again perfect and has the desired impact. Boyapati Seenu is the leading Mass Director in TFI as he has mastered his craft and only getting better in elevating heroism with every film.
When the project in the combination of  Stylish Star Allu Arjun-Boyapati-Allu Aravind was announced, Movie Lovers expressed the doubt if it would be having class touch or mass appeal. While Bunny having good following among family audience and children, Boyapati enjoys good reputation in the mass category.

Sarinodu(sarrinodu) Movie Trailer

Audience have to agree that ‘Sarrainodu(sarinodu)’ is a pucca Boyapati-mark mass entertainer. He succeeded in convincing both Bunny & Aravind to take the risk to please the masses. Over the years, Allu Arjun has evolved as an actor and he has now become a complete actor. Needless to say, Stylish Star have become the saving grace of ‘Sarrainodu’ and Masses have been loving him so much. Though the storyline is routine, Viewers in B & C Centres were having blast in theatres with the hero-elevation scenes. Most likely, ‘Sarrainodu(sarinodu)’ emerges as a solid hit at the Box Office.

Sarinodu(sarrinodu) Movie Trailer(Teaser) & Full Songs Video