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Before every iPhone release, there come many rumours about the design, features and the functionality of the phone. In the same way, rumours are surfacing about the next iPhone which is said to be iPhone 7. 
According to the rumours so far, iPhone 7 is designed with a dual-lens camera on the larger version, the removal 3.5mm headphone jack, the facility of adding a second speaker at the bottom of the device, waterproof and dust-proof ratings and a Smart Connector.
iPhone 7 Leak Reports: A Major Change In The Home Button And Headphone Jack
Earlier in 2015, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray said that the home button on the next iPhone could be eliminated in favour of a digital button controlled by 3D Touch. The Supply Chain Sources in China said that theiPhone 7 devices will have a touch-sensitive digital button instead of the regular physical button.
According to the reports, Samsung Galaxy S5 and S7 smartphones are water-resistant so the development of a waterproof iPhone would further make Apple AAPL – 0.74%’s devices even more competitive against its rivals. Another iPhone 7 rumour suggested that camera lens will be flattened that means both sides of the iPhone 7 could be flush.
iPhone 7 Leak Reports: A Major Change In The Home Button And Headphone Jack
People had to wait for the additional leaks about the replacement of the physical home button before believing that Apple will actually change it. Earlier in June 2015, the reports said that Apple is planning to develop touch and display driver integration (TDDI) chips that would include “integrated fingerprint sensors.”
Apple received a patent last month for a “bulk amorphous alloy pressure sensor” based on material created by Liquid metal Technologies. Why would Apple want to get rid of the headphone jack? Apple always tries to reduce the thickness of its devices and that would only seem possible by removing the headphone jack.
Rumours have suggested that the iPhone 7 will come with thickness as 6.1 mm iPod Touch since the headphone jack would be removed from it.