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1. The 2016 Islamic Summit Conference has been concluded in which country?

Ans: Turkey

2. The Indian Army’s battle exercise‘Shatrujeet’ was conducted in which district of India?
Ans: Bikaner

3. Which  private sector bank has become the first in India to open dedicated branch for startups?

Ans: RBL Bank

4. Union Government has merged “Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abiyan” with which scheme which is based on the Gujarat’s model of “Khel Mahakumbh”?

Ans: Khelo India

5.  “Twitter Seva” is to be launched by Union Government for which purpose?
Ans: For Start-Ups

6. Who has been appointed as Board Control for Cricket in India as CEO?

Ans: Rahul Johri

7. Which of the following countries has won the Davis Cup 2015?
Ans: Great Britain

8. According to a report by World Bank, which country has received largest sum through remittances in year 2015?

Ans: India

9. Which Indian umpire has been promoted as umpire for International Hockey Federation (FIH)?
Ans: Durga Thakur

10. Who is the author of the book titled-‘The Book of Gold Leaves ‘?
Ans: Mirza Waheed