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Tollywood : A criminal case has been lodged in Banjara Hills police station on director Teja and his close associates Vaddera Satyam and Kaiser gang, for allegedly threatening a timber merchant, R V Krishna Rao, who belongs to Film Nagar. Apparently, Teja asked Vaddera Satyam and Kaiser gang, to demand Krishna Rao, to soon wrap up the building dispute, which is in court from a long time now.  Going by the reports, it is learnt that Teja and Krishna Rao are fighting for a property, in court, and Teja, who wants to bring the case to a conclusion, has lent the help from Satyam and Kaiser, to extort Krishna Rao.On 7 April, Vaddera Satyam and Kaiser gang allegedly stopped the car of Krishna Rao at Banjara Hills and threatened him to oblige for Teja’s demand and settle the dispute. On 13 April, Teja said to have called Krishna Rao, on the same issue and abused him.  Feared by the threat from Teja and his close associates, Krishna Rao approached Banjara Hills police. After the court directives, the police men filed a criminal case under section 506, on Teja and the other two men.