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The man who allegedly put up posters in New Delhi district, offered Rs. 11 lakh to anyone who kills JNU student Kanhaiya Kumar, has been arrested today.Adarsh Sharma claims to be the president of an organisation he calls the Purvanchal Sena, which police officials say is probably a fringe organisation if at all it exists. On Saturday, posters announcing the reward for shooting dead Mr Kumar were stuck on walls at different spots in.Mr Kumar was arrested on charges of sedition on February 12 and released on bail last week. He was accused of being part of a programme organised on the JNU campus on February 9 in which anti-national slogans were raised.A report published in News quoted Adarsh Sharma as saying that as a student,  he was associated with  the BJP ‘s student wing. He belongs to Lakhiserai in Bihar and reportedly claims to have formed the Purvanchal Sena in New Delhi two years ago to look into the interests of the people of Purvanchal — parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh and adjoining areas of Bihar.The poster said, “Whosoever shoots JNU Students’ Union president and seditionist Kanhaiya will be rewarded Rs. 11 lakh on the behalf of Purvanchal Sena.” It carried the mobile number and name of Adarsh Sharma, identifying him as the president of Purvanchal Sena. On the same day, the police registered a case of defacement of property and questioned him. But, he was not arrested.They arrested Adarsh Sharma today on charges of criminal intimidation, inciting violence and forgery.