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One of the debuts at MWC this year was the Chinese Internet and phone company LeEco (formerly LeTV) which took the prize for Most Innovative Company for its market disruptive product launches. Unusually, the two handsets it unveiled at the event had already been launched in the Indian market some weeks earlier. Of the two (we have already reviewed the LeMax in this space) I would rate the Le1s as decidedly the better value for canny Indians.This 5.5 inch phone has a luxurious and its screwless full metal body notwithstanding it weighs just 169 grams. The display is full HD and while the 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage may not be extraordinary it makes up with some features normally associated with products two or three times the price: a mirror- surfaced finger-print scanner, a fast charger that gives you over 3 hours talk time with a 5-minute charge of the 3000 mAh battery and the newest Type C USB reversible port which does double duty for data and charger. There are a pair of 4G SIM slots — sensibly taking standard and micro SIMS. The cameras as 13 MP (primary) and 5 MP (selfie).The makers have been comparing the phone to much pricier options — but even without going down that path I have no hesitation to rate the Le1s as one of the best handset deals in India today nicely judged for price and performance at an asking price of Rs 10,999. Last week, it claimed to be India’s top selling smartphone online, having sold some 2 lakh units in the first month after launch.