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Pathankot attack: Four terrorists dead, operation in the last stage to eliminate the remaining two

The operation against terrorists holed up at Pathankot air base has entered the third day on Monday with senior officials claiming that the process to eliminate the remaining two terrorists is in the last stage. “Four terrorists have been killed and the processes of eliminating the other two terrorists is in the last stage,” senior Air Force Officer JS Dhamoon said. As per sources, the level of training of the Pathankot terrorists seems to be even better than those behind the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. The tactics they were used by them reveal that they were trained by a professional army. The tactics used by them included conserving gun power, attacking at 3 am when the alertness level is at its lowest, going quiet to mislead that all terrorists have died and also to fire at a crowded mess-like area where mostly people are unarmed, show the military precision that was involved.
The operation stretched through the night with sounds of gunfire and explosions continuing till around 10 AM on Monday after which they have ceased. Attack helicopters were still flying over the area. More quick response teams have been rushed to the site.The operations have been widened beyond the Air Force Station. As per sources, combing operations are being conducted at the nearby Mamun Army station also. The forces at the base suspect are also suspecting that there are two groups of terrorists. Earlier on Monday morning, loud explosions were heard from inside the air base. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar along with NSA Ajit Doval met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday to brief him about the situation on the ground.