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Netaji suffered deep cut on head, burn injuries in plane crash: UK website's account of his death
Netaji suffered deep cut on head, burn injuries in plane crash: UK website’s account of his death

New Delhi: Over the past few days a UK-based web site – computer – has discharged a series of witness statements seeking to unravel the difference over the death of Netaji Subhas Chandra nuclear physicist.
The web site claims that its twenty five years of investigation and analysis have showed that Netaji died during a plane crash close to national capital flying field in Taiwan on August eighteen, 1945.
It conjointly says that on January twenty nine, it’ll transfer additional info on ‘how to prove remains at Tokyo’s Renkoji temple belong to Subhas Bose’.
The website, travel by UK-based freelance journalist and Bose’s great-nephew Ashis Ray, uploaded the knowledge when the NDA government set to free a hundred documents on Netaji.
Here square measure excerpts from what it printed over the previous few days within the web site.
Netaji’s last flight: On August eighteen, 1945 a Japanese Air Force bomber took far from national capital with Netaji and twelve or thirteen alternative passengers and crew.
The website quotes Captain Nakamura alias Yamamoto, WHO was the bottom engineer responsible of maintenance at the national capital airport: “Immediately on initiating, the plane inclined to its left facet and that i saw one thing sink from the plane, that I later found was the mechanical device.”
“The plane crashed regarding a hundred metres on the far side the concrete runway and at once caught fireplace within the front portion,” he said.
Statement of commissioned military officer Habibur Rehman Khan (Netaji’s military officer WHO was with him within the same craft and survived the crash): “Netaji turned towards Maine. I same please get out through the front; there’s no manner within the rear. we tend to couldn’t get through the doorway door because it was all blocked. thus Netaji got out through {the fireplace|the hearth|the fireplace}; really he hurried through the fire. I followed him through identical flames. the instant I got out, I saw his garments were burning. I ordered him down on the bottom and noticed  a awfully deep cut on his head, in all probability on the left facet. His face had been scorched by heat and his hair had conjointly caught fireplace and singed.”
Khan submitted a written statement signed on twenty four August 1945 claiming Netaji died within the plane crash.
Netaji’s words to commissioned military officer Habibur Rehman Khan: “When you return to the country, tell the those that up to the last I actually have been fighting for the liberation of my country; they ought to still struggle, and that i am certain Asian country are going to be free quickly. no one will keep Asian country slave currently.”
Lt gap Shiro Nonogaki (who was with Netaji within the same aircraft): “When I initial saw Netaji when the plane crash, he was standing somewhere close to the left tip of the faction of the plane. His garments were burning and his assistant was attempting to require off his coat. Since Netaji was sitting terribly close to the fuel tank, he was splashed everywhere with fuel. It appeared that each one his body was burning.”
A Japanese doctor WHO treated Netaji: in step with the web site, Japanese doctor Toyoshi Tsuruta attended Netaji at Nanmon hospital. Between might and July of 1946, Lt gap JG Figgess of British Army interrogated six Japanese officers in Tokyo, together with Tsuruta.
Dr Tsuruta submitted to Figgess: “…Bose asked him in English if he would sit with him throughout the night. However, shortly when seven o’clock (in the evening) he suffered a relapse and though the doctor once more administered a natural resin injection he sank into a coma and died shortly later.”
Nurse WHO attended Netaji: Tsan Pi Sha, a nurse at identical hospital, confirmed this account in September 1946 to Harin monarch, a journalist with Mumbai’s ‘Free Press Journal’, WHO visited national capital to analyze the matter.
She said: “He died here. i used to be by his facet…He died on eighteen August last year (1945), (Subhas) Chandra nuclear physicist. i’m a surgical nurse and took care of him until he died…I was educated to use vegetable oil everywhere his body which I did.”
“Whenever he regained shortly his consciousness, he felt thirsty. With slight inarticulate , he would raise water. I gave him water many times,” she intercalary.
Captain Taneyoshi Yoshimi (In-charge of Nanmon Military Hospital): “When he was ordered on the bed (of the hospital), I in person clean his (Bose’s) injuries with oils and dressed them. He was full of in depth burns over the full of his body, although the foremost serious were those on his head, chest and thighs”.
“After the fourth hour (following his admission to the hospital) he looked as if it would be sinking into cognitive state. He murmured and muttered in his state of coma, however ne’er regained consciousness. At regarding 2300 hours he died,” he said.