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New Delhi: Praising India’s great “entrepreneurial energy”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed that this needs to be harnessed to make India a nation of job-creators rather than job seekers.Speaking at the Delhi Economics Conclave on Friday Modi said, “Our Idea of reforms should be inclusive and broad-based and we should not limit our idea of reforms to a few standard notions”.While claiming that reforming to transform is a marathon not a sprint”, the prime minister said that agriculture remains India’s mainstay in terms of providing livelihood.“Reform is that which helps all citizens and especially for the poor to achieve a better life. It is Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas. Another financial reform is the provision of a safety net through new social security schemes”, he said.Hinting better services for the honest taxpayer, he lauded that the growth rate of trade in the exceeded country’s GDP growth from 1983 to 2008. “We embarked on a course of fiscal consolidation. We entered for 1st time into a monetary framework agreement with RBI to curb inflation”, he added.Highlighting some of the achievements of the NDA government, he said, “Pace of award of new highway works increased from 5.2 km per day in 2012-13 and 8.7 km per day in 2013-14 to 23.4 km per day currently. We have undertaken major managerial improvements in the transport sector. We have introduced a Universal Account Number which will remain with an employee even when he changes jobs.”“What we have done in the last 17 months is to bring 190 million people into the banking system. Believe it or not accounts opened under Jan Dhan Yojana today have a total balance of almost Rs 26,000 crores.While highlighting various achievement of the NDA government Prime Minister said that poor sanitation and lack of cleanliness is much more than issue of health.