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Despite his failures at the box office, Ram Gopal Varma is busy with multiple projects and many actors feel that he is still one of the best directors. But an inexperienced actor like Raj Tharun has a different opinion about RGV and called him an “ok” director. However, RGV says that Raj Tharun is a fantastic actor. Both had a conversation on Twitter. “I am doing a film with RGV. I think he’s just a ok ok pet name for him is Appa Rao. I honestly feel that I could have made a far better Rangeela and a far better Shiva if I was the director…but still RGV was Ok Ok. Am doing RGV’s film in spite of thinking that he’s just a Ok director because I know I can correct his mistakes ,” tweeted Tharun.The director also Tweeted, “I think Raj Tharun is a fantastic actor… compared to him most actors are Subba Raos. I truly think Raj Tharun, more than an actor, is potentially a much, much greater director than me, Poori, VV Vinayak, Rajamouli etc. etc.”Another rumour doing the rounds about the film is that they postponed it till next March as it was stalled after one day’s shooting.