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‘It’s a joke bounced to entertain people, but to not insult Anushka’, affirms Ali, clarifying about his comments made on Anushka at ‘Size Zero’ audio launch. Speaking on a TV show, the senior comedian has apologized to Anushka and other woman who are blasting him on social media, for his comments, which are being termed as ‘regressive’. ‘My comments are aimed only to describe a heroine or anyone’s beauty, but not to insult them. I’ve just described their glamour. I don’t think it’s wrong. As the dissent against those ‘glamorous’ comments is heaping up, I’ve decided not to talk that way in the future. I’m sorry if any heroine or other women got hurt’, he said. However Ali expressed his dissatisfaction over the way media houses are writing him. ‘Many are quoting me with the comments which I’ve never said. I’m not saying I’ll take action against them, but how it’s ethical’ he asked. But why is Ali passing those sexist comments only on heroines, no heroes? ‘If there is a biryani and a pappu-annam dish placed on a table, all non-veg lovers surely pick biryani only. Heroines are like biryani’, says Ali, quipping, ‘don’t treat this Biryani joke as another insult’.