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The price of non-subsidised cooking gas LPG has gone up by 27 rupees 50 paise a cylinder. Now 14.2 Kilogram Cylinder in Delhi will cost 545 rupees. In Kolkata, it will cost 575 rupees per cylinder, in Mumbai, 555 rupees and in Chennai, the price will be 559.50 rupees a cylinder.The Non-subsidised LPG price was last cut on 1st of October by 42 rupees a cylinder. While, the oil marketing companies have cut the ATF of Jet Fuel price by 142 rupees 56 paise per kilolitre. In Delhi, now it will cost 43 thousand 41 rupees and 61 paise per kilolitre. However, its rate will vary from airport to airport depending on the local sales tax or value-added tax. The Jet fuel constitutes over 40 per cent of an airline’s operating costs and the price cut will bring marginal relief to the cash-strapped carriers.