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MUMBAI:Vishahrukh Khan waits enthusiastically for November 2 every year. He celebrates the day like a festival with his family and friends.“It’s my Eid, Diwali, Xmas, Holi all rolled into one,” he says. All because it is his idol Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday. The day’s rituals are fixed: he cuts a cake in the evening but before that performs a havan in the morning praying for SRK’s long life.“My only prayer to God is that Shah Rukh should always remain the King Khan of Bollywood and his films should keep breaking box office records,” says Vishahrukh, arguably SRK’s biggest fan ever.This year, the day is even bigger, better and more significant. “It’ll be like a once in a lifetime event, a maha kumbh, for me.” After all his ‘God’ won’t be hitting half a century every other birthday.Vishahrukh is packing his suitcase to fly to Mumbai with a 42-feet foldable birthday card that he plans to unfurl at SRK’s home ‘Mannat’. Made of paper and vinyl it will have messages for the star, wishes of his fans and also an invitation to visit Vishahrukh’s home in Lucknow, the top floor hall of which has been converted into a SRK mandir of sorts.“It will be a museum where I will store every little thing that has anything to do with Shah Rukh,” says Vishahrukh. In the evening, he will meet the star personally at Taj Land’s End in a fan event organised by film trade magazine Box Office India. Meanwhile, the annual cake-cutting and havan rituals had to be advanced by a day to accommodate the Mumbai trip.The Lucknow-based homeopathy medicine dealer is like Meera to SRK’s Krishna. It’s a devotion that asks for nothing in return other than regular darshan (view) of the deity.An ardent devotee, he even changed his name from Vishal Singh to Vishahrukh. His son Raj Aryan is named after SRK’s most popular avtaar on screen — Raj — and star’s own sonAryan. Vishahrukh named his daughter Simran after the character Kajol played in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge. The Reckeweg Homeopathy medicines that he sells wholesale come with the label ‘Shahrukh Force’.