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Following the ever growing brutal atrocities by the world’s most dreaded terrorist organisation, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the world’s super powers like Australia, Russia and France have been supporting the Syrian government in its fight against the ISIS. Irked by this external powers curtailing their dominance, ISIS unleashed its terror yet again and resorted to a shocking bloodbath. In a heart-wrenching testimony to its brutal atrocities, the ISIS released its latest video in which it shot nearly 200 innocent school students to death by the River Tigris. The terrorists captured the teenage students from various schools in the areas that are under their captive and shifted the students to deserted location, where they mercilessly tied the students’ hands an shot them in their heads. Most of the students were seen pleading the terrorists to free them but around 12 masked terrorists took turns to shoot the students and throw their dead bodies in the River Tigris as the river turned red with blood. This massacre is termed as the second deadliest in ISIS’ history, after the gunning down of nearly 1,700 soldiers in the past. The video was uploaded by an ISIS terrorist from Yemen.