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Tollywood Senior actor and filmmaker Dasari Narayana Rao sparked off numerous discussions regarding the release dates clash between the two big films of this Dasara season and said that Rudhramadevi would have created box-office history had the next week’s release (read Bruce Lee) is delayed by one week.This prompted the crucial man who is related to both Rudhramadevi and Bruce Lee, Allu Arjun. Allu Arjun garnered appreciation for his brilliant performance as Gona Gannareddy in Rudhramadevi. Now, he has become the real-life Robin Hood as he took his cousin Ram Charan’s side in these testing moments.In his words, Bunny tweeted, “It is unfair to blame the producer of BRUCELEE for not moving their release date by a week. They have announced it long back that their release date is October 16th. RUDRAMADEVI was supposed to release on September 4th which they could not for many reasons. Knowing the release date of BRUCELEE the producer of RUDHRAMADEVI released it on October 9th with a hope that both films can run in the market simultaneously. Now it is unfair for anyone to blame BRUCELEE for overlapping.This once again shows how matured and sportive Bunny is. While he seemingly looks to be taking his family’s side, Bunny also cleared the air regarding Bruce Lee overlapping with Rudhramadevi, whereas the real scenario is quite opposite. Needless to say, Bunny’s explanation will put an end to the topic for now.