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SRIKAKULAM:Devotees on Thursday had a rare opportunity to have a darshan of Sri Suryanarayana Swamy at the Arasavalli temple, with Sun’s rays falling on the feet of presiding deity in the early hours of Thursday. The phenomenon is likely to occur on Friday and Saturday also.On Thursday, Sun’s rays fell on the Dwajasthambam through the ‘gopuram’ and touched the deity’s feet. Quite remarkably, devotees could witness the phenomenon for six minutes, according to chief priest Ippili Shankara Sarma. “It was, indeed, a rare occasion, as Sun’s rays never stayed for more than four minutes in the recent past,” he said.The temple was constructed in such a way that Sun’s rays fall on the feet of the deity twice a year, in March and October, even when the five entrance gates are closed. The rays touch the presiding deity in March when the Sun moves from ‘Uttarayanam’ to ‘Dakshinayanam’. It happens again in October when the Sun moves to ‘Uttarayanam’. The priests also offered special prayers to the presiding deity on the occasion. The Endowments Department now plans to remove all structures between Indira Pushkarini and the main temple so that Sun’s rays perfectly fall on the temple premises. Meanwhile, Endowments Department Principal Secretary J.S.V. Prasad directed officials to start work on a war footing.