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External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s aggressive and hard hitting riposte to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly has highlighted once again that India will leave no chance to counter Pakistani propaganda. Sushma Swaraj’s speech has also created waves on social media.The Prime Minister said that Swaraj rightly emphasised on the need to end all forms of terror and had wonderfully highlighted India’s contributions to the United Nations. He also said that her speech was a perfect articulation of key global issues.Rejecting Sharif’s 4-point formula for peace, India said Pakistan needs to address “just one” issue of ending cross-border terror for the dialogue to start on all outstanding matters as it proposed NSA-level talks to discuss the matter.Addressing the UN General Assembly, Swaraj raised the issue of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks masterminds roaming freely as also the “illegal occupation” of parts of Jammu and Kashmir by Pakistan, a day after Sharif raked up Kashmir issue at the UN.Asserting that “none of us can accept that terrorism is a legitimate instrument of statecraft,” she pressed the world community to show zero tolerance towards it and ensure that countries which provide finances, safe havens and arms to terrorists “pay a heavy price” for it.”Talks and terror cannot go together”, she said while making it clear that India “remains open to dialogue” but terrorism emanating from Pakistan is hampering normalisation of bilateral relations.