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From financial hardships to postponement of the film’s release several times and even the stalling of the film’s shooting for several months due to lack of funds, Rudhramadevi’s director cum producer Gunasekhar faced it all and until the last minute.The film finally released yesterday to an average response from critics and moviegoers. However, Rudhramadevi braved all these adversaries and notched up a staggering 9.14 crores share in AP and Telangana alone, becoming the 9th highest opening grosser in Tollywood’s history.

Adding to this whopping number, the US Thursday premiers collections of $126,276 and the Friday collections together ended up grossing more than $300,000, a decent show indeed considering the average talk.Rudhramadevi now has the weekend advantage and with family audiences increasing with each show and with no major film around for competition, Gunasekhar and his distributors will have the last laugh.