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Popular Telugu actress Laya met with an accident in the USA recently. She is currently being treated at a Los Angeles hospital. The actress, who originally is from South India, now lives in California with her entire family. So far there are not many reports about how she got into the accident, but we heard from a source that she was travelling by car at that time. Her husband and children were also with us. Laya is now out of danger.The actress is living in the USA ever since she got married in 2006. Her husband is a doctor. Laya made her debut in Tollywood with a hit movie; it did not take her too long to become popular. She broke a lot of heart when she decided to say good bye to movies after her marriage. Many critics thought that she was going to rule the industry.Anyway, it’s good to hear that she is not seriously hurt in the accident. We wish her speedy recovery. Laya has two kids, who according to family sources got scared when they saw their mom injured, but they are also doing fine now.