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For quite some time, it was pretty obvious that Konidela Niharika or Naga Babu’s daughter wanted to become a heroineLike in all filmi families, there were inhibitions, but the girl seems to have got her way as many Bollywood girls like Kareena, Sonam, Sonakshi are all star daughters.According to industry insiders, Niharika who started off as a host for a television show, has just signed a film as a heroine.And talk is that the film will be backed by a leading Telugu channel. Well, the next question is, who would be playing the hero? For now, nothing has been finalised.Niharika is already a hit with young audiences, both male and female, thanks to her talk show and game show. Already, her brother Varun Tej is a hero who will soon have a release in Kanche.While there are nearly 7-8 heroes from the industry, Niharika is the first girl to debut on the big screen.