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Young hero Ram is loud, straight forward and frank. In most of his films, he is seen in the same way, but in real life also he’s pretty same. When a media folk said the other day that some of his experiments did well, some didn’t, he snaps immediately, “No, all of my experiments have disappointed me”. Ram says, “I always feel like getting clarity of what to do and what not, but my opinion changes after the film’s release. Despite all hard efforts, my experiments failed”. In his career of hits and flops, which is more like a roller-coaster ride to him, Ram has movies like Jagadam, Ganesh, Endukante Premante, Ongole Gitta and Masala which were termed as mighty flops. But Ram owns them by the heart. “For Jagadam I’ve worked for 2 years. I did Ganesh for kids. In Masala I’ve dared to play gay character. But still audiences didn’t liked them, I don’t know why. It’s all about picking up the film I got excited. That’s it”Ram’s next, “Shivam” is slated for October 2nd release. Directed by newcomer Srinivas Reddy, the film has Rashi Khanna playing the lead girl.