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San Jose:Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday evening received a grand reception at the SAP Center in Silicon Valley amidst loud cheers “Modi-Modi” from the packed audience.The Prime Minister’s entrance was no less than that of a rockstar as whistles, screams and thundering applause echoed across the centre.Modi said that the 21st century is India’s century and attributed the sudden change in India’s fortune to the commitment, strength and pledge of the 125 crore people of the country. I have faith in the nation because India is youthful. 65% of our population is under the age of 35:“For some time now, people are saying that the 21st century is India’s century,” Modi said to a strong crowd of 18,500 Indian-Americans. Asserting that he is giving every minute of his life in the service of the nation, Modi said he would live and die for the country. Modi said that in the past 16 months, world’s perception about India has changed dramatically. The world is looking at India with a new vision and aspiration. He attributed this change to the commitment, strength and pledge of the 125 crore people of the country.“I can tell you with confidence that this country will not remain behind,” he said during his speech, which was marked with several rounds of loud cheering. In just 15 months, India has scaled new heights, has attained economic stability. In the past six months almost all rating agency have said in one voice that India is the fastest growing economy in large countries, he said. Prime Minister Modi said that no one ever thought that brain drain can become brain gain. “This is actually brain deposit,” he asserted, adding that it would serve its motherland at an appropriate time. “Now it is the time that every Indian can show people their strength,” he said in his hour-long speech. Modi recollected the contribution of the Gadar party in San Francisco in India’s independence movement. California has had a historic relationship and contribution in India’s development, he said. “I am meeting Indian Americans a year after the Madison Square Garden event in New York. I am coming to California after 25 years. A lot has changed. Many new faces that I see. I can see here India’s vibrancy here,” he said.